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The Buzzie Jetpack Offer

The Buzzie Jetpack Offer

Join Buzzie’s mailing list (it’s mail chimp so you can manage the frequency and unsubscribe at any time) and we’ll give you an exclusive listen to the first two tracks of the next Buzzie record. And as a continuing subscriber, you’ll get some extras from time to time.

Today, as a tease for your first-time signup, I’m going to give you Private Soundcloud links to:

  1. The first Demotrack of Jetpack as I was coming up with the idea
  2. The initial rough mix of Jetpack
  3. The initial rough mix of Angel

As we’re gearing up for a full album worth of songs for BUZZIE 5, I will occasionally make tracks and demos available to subscribers. Please consider supporting us by purchasing our music from our CD Baby store where you can get high-resolution downloads of our songs. Otherwise, a good portion of Buzzie is available on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music.


Thanks for listening. Keep Buzzin.

John McElhenney – aka Buzzie


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