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Back to the basics after 17 years as Buzzie, John McElhenney is re-visioning the new Buzzie with long-time friend and master popster, Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather) to spin out the next series of songs. Look for a new track - in June 2018.

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Are You Feeling Anything Yet? is the title of the former Blue Cartoon frontman's solo album, and you'd have to be six feet under to remain unmoved by this collection of catchy-as-hell pop rock. Hooks, melodies and yet more melodies burst out of these songs like rapid fire from an automatic weapon, beginning with "She's Gone", a quite brilliant song McElhenny wrote for Blue Cartoon that sounds better given the Buzzie treatment.

Songs like "Beautiful Beautiful", "My Little World of Love" and "I'm Inside You" are like manna from heaven for fans of Elvis Costello, The Loveless or other such power pop aficionados. Nearly every song is a bright, exuberant exponent of how music of this genre should be written, performed and produced, with tunes like the wonderfully upbeat "A Place to Go" a particularly good example. The acoustic, understated "Angela" slows things down and "The Same Thing" proves that often the simplest pop melodies work the best.

Musically, Buzzie have all the depth of a thin and crispy pizza, but the band never try to be a Radiohead or Ryan Adams equivalent. Instead, with a pop songwriter as talented as McElhenny at the helm, they wisely stick to their strengths and the result is an album of sheer pop bliss.

- Andrew Ellis 2/6/2003 // Pop Matters
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